Building a Revolutionary Anarchism Speaking Tour!

anarchism-womanHow can we build the popularity and influence of anarchist ideas in movements for social and economic justice in the United States? What’s the point in a specifically anarchist organization? What lessons can we draw from the anarchists of South America? What benefits would be gained by the development of a nationwide anarchist organization? What would that organization do and how can we get involved?

Building a Revolutionary Anarchism will share lessons and perspectives from activity in anarchist organization in the US and Argentina. Informed largely by the project and organizing model of especifismo coming out of South America, the presentation focuses on the necessity and current on-going efforts to build nationwide anarchist organization in the United States.

In 2007, Colin O’Malley traveled from Buffalo, New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn from workers that were taking over their closing-down workplaces to run worker owned and operated cooperatives. Coming from a city devastated by the loss of industry and the decades long rustbelt economic crisis that followed, Colin wanted to know what was so different about workers and their organizations in Argentina that there could be a such a drastically different reaction to workplace closures. There he spent time with some of the members of Red Libertaria, an Argentine anarchist organization.

On his return to Buffalo, he helped to found Buffalo Class Action, and with them built the presence of organized anarchism in Buffalo while advocating the creation of a citywide tenants union. Through BCA, he joined Common Struggle/Lucha Comun regional anarchist organization. In 2011, he moved to Rochester, New York and helped to found Rochester Red & Black, another local anarchist organization. As part of these organizations, he has been involved in the Class Struggle Anarchist Conferences, the In Our Hearts Network, and has recently been advocating and helping to build a nationwide class struggle anarchist organization.

Final Tour Itinerary:

Saturday, July 20th: Knoxville, TN 3pm at The Birdhouse (800 North 4th Ave)
Sunday, July 21st: Chattanooga, TN 7pm at a private house – comment with your email for details.
Saturday, July 27th: Austin, TX 7pm at Monkey Wrench Books (110 E. North Loop)
Monday, July 29th: El Paso, TX 7pm at Maternidad La Luz (1314 Magoffin Ave)
Wednesday, August 7th: Los Angeles, CA 6pm at Centro Cultural Papalut (3201 Maple Ave)
Saturday, August 10th: San Jose, CA 5pm at San Jose Peace and Justice Center (48 South 7th St.)
Sunday, August 11th: Eureka, CA 6pm at the Ink Annex (47 W 3rd and Commercial)
Tuesday, August 13th: Portland, OR 7pm at Red & Black Cafe (400 SE 12th Ave)
Wednesday, August 14th: Seattle, WA 7pm at Black Coffee Coop (510 E Pine St)
Saturday, August 17th: Salt Lake City, UT
Monday, August 19th: Denver, CO 7pm at 27 Social Centre (2727 W 27th Ave)
Wednesday, August 21st: St. Louis, MO 7pm at the World Community Center (438 N. Skinker Blvd.)
Thursday, August 22nd: Iowa City, IA 7pm at PSZ (120 N. Dubuque St.)
Friday, August 23rd: Milwaukee, WI 5:30pm at The Fort (703 E Center St.)
Sunday, August 25th: Chicago, IL 4pm at MAGI Cultural Art Center (2149 W. 21st St.)
Tuesday, August 27th: Buffalo, NY 7pm at Burning Books (420 Connecticut St.)