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Capital’s Destruction of the Environment: Marx’s Inadequate Response

Feminists Against Capitalism

by Romina Akemi On May 8, 2017 the LA-based feminist collective Intersectionality NOW organized an event at the Women’s Center for Creative Work titled Feminists Against Capitalism. The panel participants included Miranda Sklaroff from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Left Caucus, Solîn Bendewa who is an editor for the social media platform The Middle […]

Marxism and Anarchism: A Dialogue

The following text is based on a transcript of a talk presented by a member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra at an event that took place on February 12, 2017, at the Sepulveda Peace Center in Los Angeles. The talk was presented as part of a “Marxist-Anarchist Dialogue” with a member of the International Marxist Humanist Organization (IMHO), who preferred […]

We’ve come out and hit the streets against Trump – now what?

A leaflet from our Los Angeles Black Rose/Rosa Negra comrades. When we look around at the thousands of people marching with us, we can feel the power that we hold. But we know that this isn’t enough. In the coming years, our communities are going to be under attack. We need to organize strong communities […]

Book Review: Maoism and the Chinese Revolution

  Elliott Liu, Maoism and the Chinese Revolution: A Critical Introduction (PM Press, 2016). by Javier Sethness   This work, the sixth volume in PM Press’ “Revolutionary Pocketbooks” series, provides a compelling review of the philosophy and historical practices of Maoism before, during, and after the Chinese Revolution of 1949. Liu, an organizer with Take […]