The Portland local is committed to building mass movements around issues of police brutality, labor and wage-theft, and tenant and housing justice.  We work closely with direct action movements in the area, including union organizing in a variety of sectors, direct action campaigns around wage-theft and tenant exploitation, and active participation in the Black Lives Matter movement.  We are also actively developing work on Accountability Process and Transformative Justice, as well as highlighting conversations about things like body oppression, transinclusivity, and the inclusivity of our social movements.

Latest News from Portland

Hundreds Take the Streets in Portland in Solidarity With Prison Strike

As the largest prison strike in modern history took place, groups from around Portland came together in the September 9th coalitions. Led by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and Anarchist Black Cross, Black Rose Portland and a host of other organizations joined together to take on the regional organizing work to coincide with the nationwide […]

In the Streets for the Portland Trans Pride March [VIDEO]

The Gay Pride festival has become a tradition that spans the globe and has helped to push LGBT issues into mainstream acceptance.  Even while it challenges the conservative mores of American society, within the culture of Pride there is often a focus on cis-gendered queer issues at the cost of trans visibility.  2016 has had […]

Are Solidarity Networks the Future of Housing Justice?

As we get further away from the shocking chain of foreclosures that marked the 2008 financial crisis, it has become more apparent just how deep the catastrophe hit. The crisis led to 2.9 million foreclosures that year – a level of housing displacement comparable to an active war zone. For those without the means to […]

Standing Up With the Burgerville Workers Union

Dressed in his work uniform, Jordan Vaandering looked like any other fast food employee heading into another long shift. But that day, April 26, was far from ordinary for the 25-year-old Burgerville employee. Since Vaandering makes under $10 per hour working at the drive-through, he had decided to come forward as a voice for a growing […]