For a Working Class Feminism: Resources for International Women’s Day

On the occasion of March 8 – International Women’s Day, we are releasing for distribution two beautifully designed pamphlets on the themes of building working class feminism as well as additional recommending readings and resources.    A Conservative Threat Offers New Opportunities for Working Class Feminism “This much is clear: the Women’s March represents a political […]

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Una amenaza conservadora crea nuevas oportunidades para un feminismo de clase

Nota de las autoras: Este artículo fue redactado por Romina Akemi y Bree Busk para Solidaridad, el periódico de la organización chilena Solidaridad-Federación Comunista Libertaria. Por esta razón, algunos conceptos y hechos históricos que resultarían familiares a lectores estadounidenses, se hallan explicados en mayor detalle. Dos importantes movilizaciones ocurrieron en la primera semana de la […]

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A Conservative Threat Offers New Opportunities for Working Class Feminism

Author Note: This article was written by Romina Akemi and Bree Busk for Solidaridad, the newspaper of the Chilean organization Solidaridad – Federación Comunista Libertaria. For this reason, more time is spent explaining history and concepts that would be familiar to a US audience. In the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency, there were two […]

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End the male-state violence!: Statement from Anarchist Women on sexual abuse law

Statement from the organization Anarchist Women on the “sexual abuse” bill proposed by the governing AK Party in Turkey, which was recently withdrawn after mass protests from women. Among other things, the bill would have pardoned men who raped underage girls if the girls married their rapists. As the AKP is currently ruling through de-facto dictatorship, having […]

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Breaking the Waves: Challenging the Liberal Tendency within Anarchist Feminism

The following article by two members of BRRN appears in the recent issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory that we are republishing with thanks to the Institute For Anarchist Studies. You can support their work by purchasing your own copy of the journal, which includes many other articles around the theme of anarchist-feminisms, from AK Press.  […]

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Reflections on Anarcha-Feminism in Social Movements

A future anarcha-feminist listens to discussion on how she can build popular power in social movements that challange the racist patriarchal capitalist state

This past April the Miami local of Black Rose Anarchist Federation / Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra (BRRN) collaborated with two other autonomous South Florida groups, One Struggle and Florida Student Union, to present a discussion on anarcha-feminism at Florida International University. The event offered reflections from the first international Anarcha-Feminist Conference (AFem) in London which a […]

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