Nazis Among US: Trump and the Far-Right

There are a whole load of genuine human garbage that see the Trump campaign as a source of inspiration and opportunity for spreading a message of race war, white superiority, and outright fascism. There are two real threats here. First, that these organizations are growing their membership and base of support. You heard that right, […]

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Freedom at Sunset: Rojava’s Revolution in Syria

You’ve probably never heard of a place called Rojava . It’s in northern Syria, and its name means both ‘West’ and ‘Sunset’ in Kurdish. If you don’t know who the Kurds are, they’re a people whose homeland is divided by the national borders of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. You may have seen Syria on […]

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Fuck Trump Reportback

(Photo by David Martin) Trump announced his plans to speak in Richmond about a week out from his June 10th event, giving the left in the city very little time to respond. Setting a promising precedent, organizers from divergent left traditions came together across ideology to plan an emergency response to this white supremacist event. […]

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