Building a Revolutionary Anarchism

This article speaks on the failures of the anarchist movement to grow, despite numerous social movements, and how models of anarchist political organization point the way forward to overcome these pitfalls. This piece originally appeared in Perspectives on Anarchist Theory No. 27 (2014) published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies.  By Colin O’Malley Introduction Two recent events […]

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Cine Libertario: El Anarquismo en América Latina

Desde finales del siglo XIX, el anarquismo, como teoría y práctica revolucionaria, ha tenido una presencia profunda en los movimientos sociales de América Latina. Según Angel Cappelletti, el autor del libro El Anarquismo en América Latina, “El anarquismo tiene en América Latina una amplia historia, rica en luchas pacíficas y violentas, en manifestaciones de heroísmo […]

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11/4/11 7pm: Occupations & Crisis: A film & discussion of La Dignidad de Los Nadies

Sweat Records 5505 Northeast 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida The system is in crisis, unemployment lines grow daily, and austerity is grinding away at our necessities and way of life. In 2001 Argentina experienced an even greater collapse, and massive movements emerged to build alternatives to the misery that was imposed upon them. Occupations, massive strikes, […]

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