Cuba and the Demonization of Anarchists: A Lesson for Our Times

By Rafael Uzcategui Originally titled “Authoritarian Demonization of Anarchists, Cuba and the Gaona Manifesto”   The possibilities anarchism points toward have many enemies. Its fiercest opponents, however, are those authoritarian regimes which, distorting and subverting the ideas of socialism, have promoted themselves historically as embodying the values of liberty, equality and fraternity. In every situation, […]

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To my compañerxs on the Left – A Reaction to the Death of Fidel

By Enrique Guerrero-López We have an unfortunate tendency to view countries through the prism of their rulers, often obscuring the varied contributions of those “from below.” In Miami, people are dancing in the streets, celebrating Fidel’s death, while many segments of the US Left are clearing their throat for a full-throttle, “Que viva Fidel!” This […]

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Cine Libertario: El Anarquismo en América Latina

Desde finales del siglo XIX, el anarquismo, como teoría y práctica revolucionaria, ha tenido una presencia profunda en los movimientos sociales de América Latina. Según Angel Cappelletti, el autor del libro El Anarquismo en América Latina, “El anarquismo tiene en América Latina una amplia historia, rica en luchas pacíficas y violentas, en manifestaciones de heroísmo […]

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