Victory of Assad Regime in Ghouta Is Major Defeat for Those Fighting Racism and Capitalist Authoritarianism Globally

Reposting Frieda Afary’s analysis of the Assad Regime’s murderous ongoing siege of Eastern Ghouta and its impending ‘victory’ there. Originally published on the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists’ page, 25 February 2018 Those who oppose both the Assad regime and the Jihadists and all the imperialist powers need to focus on a glaring fact: Support […]

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Comments on Trump’s Syrian Missile Strikes

By Black Rose/Rosa Negra – Central Illinois Last night the U.S. military launched nearly 5 dozen cruise missiles at Syria from U.S. Navy ships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This was a U.S. response to chemical attacks against civilians allegedly ordered by Bashar al-Assad. The Democrats and Republicans are united in their support for U.S. […]

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Imperialist domination and the popular masses

by Jan- Miami Autonomy & Solidarity (MAS) In consolidating the Haitian dominant classes and their state apparatus, imperialism plays a direct and indirect role in maintaining the dictatorship of the dominant classes on the masses. Imperialism intervenes directly on class struggles in the Haitian social formation.

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