Political Situation in Venezuela: Crisis, Trends, and the Challenge of Class Independence

An examination of Venezuela’s process of social transformation, popular struggles and resulting contradictions under Chavismo, PSUV and now Maduro. From the translator: The translation of this article proved difficult due to the denseness of ideas and because the political analysis and terms are mostly used and understood in Spanish. This article is meant for individuals […]

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End the male-state violence!: Statement from Anarchist Women on sexual abuse law

Statement from the organization Anarchist Women on the “sexual abuse” bill proposed by the governing AK Party in Turkey, which was recently withdrawn after mass protests from women. Among other things, the bill would have pardoned men who raped underage girls if the girls married their rapists. As the AKP is currently ruling through de-facto dictatorship, having […]

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MURDERER STATE: Statements on the Ankara massacre

We have witnessed the heaviest attack of Turkish history. We had attended the rally on the 10th of October, which was called by the unions and participated in by the revolutionary and democratic organisations, to say “No to the War Between Nations, No to Peace Between Classes”. We lost hundreds of our people and our comrade Ali […]

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Massacre at the “Labor, Democracy and Peace Meeting” in Ankara

This is a statement from Revolutionary Anarchist Action on today’s bombing attack on the pro-Kurdish peace rally in Ankara, Turkey, which has so far killed more than 80 activists:   CAN’T BE FORGOTTEN, CAN’T BE FORGIVEN Today, on the 10th of October, the “Labor, Democracy and Peace Meeting” that was organized by various unions, associations […]

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Video of Anarchism, Feminism and Anarcha-Feminism panel in LA

Three women sit behind a table giving a panel presentation.

[youtube][/youtube] On February 7th, BRRN-LA hosted a panel discussion on anarchist feminism and social movement organizing with Romina Akemi from BRRN-LA, Lorena Mans from Frente de Organizaciones en Lucha (from Argentina) and Inger Flem Soto from La Alzada – Accion Feminista Libertaria (from Chile) at the Gal Palace. This is the full video of the […]

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Özgecan Aslan is our revolt! (Anarchist Women)

This is a report we received from our comrades Anarşist Kadınlar (Anarchist Women), a political organization based in Turkey: Today was found the burned body of Özgecan who was raped and murdered in Mersin, Tarsus. Today Özgecan, who was murdered by the driver of the minibus she took, became the revolt all round the region. […]

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