One Hundred Years of Counterrevolution: Introduction to “Bloodstained”

“Bloodstained, One Hundred Years of Lenninist Counterrevolution” is a newly released book by AK Press compiling together both current and historical critical writings on the Russian Revolution which “forces us to reckon with the past [and] demands we think more carefully about freedom [and] social change.” You can purchase your copy along with many other recommended titles here. This […]

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The Bolshevik Myth Reloaded

We are republishing this piece as part of our series of articles and social media postings relating to the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution #RussianRev100Years. This article is based on a talk at the 2016 London Anarchist bookfair republished from the Anarchist Writers site.  It covers the basic myths and realities of the period […]

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Book Review: Maoism and the Chinese Revolution

  Elliott Liu, Maoism and the Chinese Revolution: A Critical Introduction (PM Press, 2016). by Javier Sethness   This work, the sixth volume in PM Press’ “Revolutionary Pocketbooks” series, provides a compelling review of the philosophy and historical practices of Maoism before, during, and after the Chinese Revolution of 1949. Liu, an organizer with Take […]

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