A Door Has Been Opened: Nicaragua’s April 19 Uprising

Woman leading chant with head band with blue text "Nicaragua"

Complementing our recent articles on the April 2018 protest movement that broke out against proposed neoliberal reforms in Nicaragua, we are excited republish a more in-depth piece with an inside view into the protests. The piece begins with a day-by-day account of the protests and then dives into the deeper context of underlying issues, the […]

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It’s No Longer About Social Security: Inside the Nicaraguan Student Protests

Following up on our article “One Million Hands Flourishing: Nicaragua and the Neverending Task of Planting” by US based Nicaraguan anarchist Tanya H.F. we present an interview with Miranda, a Nicaraguan based anarchist who is deeply involved in the student protest and university occupations. This was based on a podcast interview on Hotwire # 28 released […]

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One Million Hands Flourishing: Nicaragua and the Neverending Task of Planting

By Tanya H.F. The indigenous neighborhood of Monimbo in Masaya, Nicaragua has a long legacy of resistance. Masaya is located less than an hour Southeast of the capital, Managua. In 1978, the people of Monimbo barricaded themselves, used makeshift weapons and prevented the National Guard from coming into the city, winning the first major victory […]

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