Solidarity to the students of Quebec!

WRC operates in the moderately sized Iowa City, home to the state’s largest university — the University of Iowa. Like many university towns the student population, perhaps the most present in Iowa City, remain relatively silent as political actors. Either unaware of or apathetic to their power to resist the privatization of the University and […]

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Call for Solidarity and Funds for the Working People of Haiti!

A natural disaster has descended upon Haiti whose scope we only are seeing the surface of at this time. The Haitian people will be struggling to rebuild their lives and their home possibly for decades in light of unprecedented collapse, both physical and social. Yet despite the unpredictability of earthquakes, this disaster is unnatural, a […]

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Een onnatuurlijke ramp: Solidariteit voor Haiti!

Oproep voor solidariteit en fondsen voor de werkende mensen van Haiti! Een natuurramp is op Haiti neergedaald, waarvan we op dit moment alleen de oppervlakte van de gevolgen zien. Het Haitische volk zal mogelijk gedurende decennia vechten om hun levens en hun huizen opnieuw op te bouwen, in het licht van de ineenstorting zonder precedent, […]

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