Workers Power and the Spanish Revolution

In a political moment where the tide of fascism appears to be on the march, looking at past examples can provide inspiration, hope and lessons. In this valuable and lucid long-form essay, veteran writer and activist Tom Wetzel details what George Orwell described when first arriving in anarchist dominated Barcelona as his first time actually seeing […]

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Mark Bray’s New Book: Anarchist Education and the Modern School

Author Mark Bray created a twitter thread to discuss his new book Anarchist Education and the Modern School: A Francisco Ferrer Reader just released on PM Press. For those not on Twitter we created this blog post so you can read along and learn about Francisco Ferrer. (We apologize for the duplicate tweets)  1) THREAD. I’m […]

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The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action

A classic and detailed introduction to the role anarchism played in the Spanish Civil War and the anarchist revolution within the republican zone. Originally published by Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland). A glossary of political organization names and chronology of events can be found at the end.  Pamphlet Version  Introduction Much has been written about the Spanish […]

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