Tierra y Libertad: California’s Prop 10 and the Fight to Build Tenant Power

A Statement by Black Rose/Rosa Negra – Los Angeles Renters across California are facing a crisis: 9.5 million Californians are spending more than 30% of their income on rent with that number has increased by 3.7 million since 2000. The median cost of an apartment in LA or Orange County is 50% of the median […]

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Tenant Power from Below: The Los Angeles Tenants Union

The following interview with Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal of the Los Angeles Tenants Union was conducted by Jessica Lopez and Cesar Montero and originally published in the anti-capitalist and pro-working class paper Salvo. The city of Los Angeles has experienced an increasing number of evictions that are linked to the gentrification process enabled by the state and landlords. Eric […]

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Resources on Tenant Organizing, Housing and Gentrification

Collected Writings on Gentrification, Tenant Organizing, Rent Control and Socialized Housing Struggles around housing, displacement, gentrification and to organize tenants are growing stronger in the current moment. In the recent past we’ve seen efforts to organize alongside tenants to wage single issue fights against landlords with solidarity networks. More recently we’ve seen efforts to form […]

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