White Supremacy

Parkland College Students Resist White Supremacist Police Violence

By Tariq Khan – BRRN On September 7, the police assaulted 19-year-old Parkland College student Oluwatobi Mordi, who goes by the name Toby. According to a statement by the Parkland College Social Justice Club, Toby was in the cafeteria waiting for his ride, when two white Parkland Police officers approached him and proceeded to question […]

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10 Theses on the U.S. Racial Order

“10 Theses on the US Racial Order” was originally was published on the website of the now defunct Fire Next Time Network in 2012 during the Obama era but prior to the Ferguson rebellion. It attempts to understand how the US racial order has changed in recent decades, how it is working at the moment […]

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Fraternal Order of Police: 100 Days of Racist Repression

By Kadeem Fuller In less than two months since the election of Donald Trump there has been a surge in violent Islamophobic and xenophobic attacks in this county.  While the rhetoric, actions and entire campaign of Trump has prompted conversations amongst scholars, activists and folks on the political left it is important to remember that […]

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