Nationwide Organization of Revolutionary Anarchists in the United States?

By Colin O Over 150 years of the anarchist theoretical and organizing tradition have passed, yet anarchist influence in the United States is practically non-existent. In some local contexts, we do see occasional anarchist influence, but in a nationwide context anarchists are practically irrelevant. There has been a conversation brewing for a few years among […]

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Anti-Capitalist March!

DATE:Sat July 21st TIME: 6pm PLACE: Washington Square Park Of all the preventable ways we suffer, there is one common factor fueling them. We will gather in common cause for a world which puts human need before profit. We have enough food, enough houses, enough water, and enough electricity that these needs could be met. […]

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Movie Screening: Capitalism — A Love Story

DATE: Tuesday, July 17th TIME: 7:00pm PLACE: Flying Squirrel Community Center (285 Clarissa St.) In anticipation for the local Anti-Capitalist March on July 21st, Rochester Red & Black will be screening Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore. Afterwords, we will have a brief discussion about the importance of explicitly anti-capitalist activity for today’s movements. […]

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