Join the Love & Rage Contingent!

Join the Love and Rage contingent in the streets on International Workers Day!


May 1, 2016: join in expressing our love and our rage as we march to honor immigrant workers, mothers, locally-born workers, and everyone who struggles against capitalism every day. We march to show love for neighbors, coworkers, families, friends, and comrades in the struggle.

We have rage against the rich and their lackeys, for the pain, oppression, exploitation and fear they bring. We have rage against the police for targeting and murdering Black youth and incarcerating generations of people of color. We have rage for the prisons that hold our loved ones, stealing lives while perpetuating poverty, addiction, and trauma, increasing rather than solving crime.

We have love for Black Lives Matter and the resurgent Black Liberation movement, and solidarity with prisoners organizing from South Bay to Texas.

We have rage for anti immigrant bigots, starting at the top with Donald Trump, who brings the white supremacist rats out of hiding, emboldening them to act on their prejudice. We have rage for ICE, for the detentions and deportations ripping apart families and communities.

We have love for immigrant and refugee communities, asserting the freedom to work, live, and love where they choose. We have love for Muslims who face persecution and xenophobia.

We have rage against the rich, the bureaucrats and the cuts they demand. We have rage against the MBTA’s fare hikes; rage against landlords, investors and politicians pushing us out of our neighborhoods with rent increases and evictions, destroying Boston’s working class communities. The casino is already here: investors and developers gamble with our lives every day.

We have love for students, teachers and their communities united in defense of public education. From the Boston student walkout to protests by parents at Kennedy Elementary School, grassroots struggle is showing that solidarity can beat cuts.

We rage against precarious work and low wages. We have love for unions and the fight for $15 an hour and more.. We have love for the fight for a real living wage, and for a future where access to life’s necessities isn’t tied to money.

We have rage for the politicians and bosses who scapegoat trans people, who use them as political cannon fodder and teach fear and hate, rather than love and understanding. We have love for trans and queer folks, and for the struggle against a narrow patriarchal system.

We need socialism that comes from below, self-managed by the people, not parties or politicians. Let’s build a movement of revolutionary love and solidarity. Let’s unite in our rage to take down common enemies, build our common future. No turning back.

We invite everyone who shares our feelings of love and rage to walk with us this May Day. We will gather at 3pm in Bellingham Square Chelsea and march to East Boston with the May 1st Coalition. Look for our banner!

Called by Black Rose/Rosa Negra – Boston
Please contact us to endorse the call of for more information! – 617-419-0822