burgerville workers union

A Year In Popular Power #4 – Burgerville Workers Union

Stephan is an organizer and fast food worker with Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU) in Portland, OR. The union has led an innovative campaign along the model of “solidarity unionism” to become the first recognized fast food workers union in the country using store based committee building, multiple strikes shutting down stores and other actions. BVWU […]

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When the Riot Cops Attack: Repression and Solidarity in Portland’s May Day

This on-the-ground account is part of a series related to attacks on the Portland May Day demonstration by the Portland police. For related articles see the links below. Events like May Day are a temperature check for the collective hive mind of the left reflecting on the year behind them. Because it is a tradition that skates […]

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Standing Up With the Burgerville Workers Union

Dressed in his work uniform, Jordan Vaandering looked like any other fast food employee heading into another long shift. But that day, April 26, was far from ordinary for the 25-year-old Burgerville employee. Since Vaandering makes under $10 per hour working at the drive-through, he had decided to come forward as a voice for a growing […]

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