A Year In Popular Power #2 – Stopping ICE Raids with the Koreatown Popular Assembly

Stopping ICE Raids with the Koreatown Popular Assembly. Markie is a dispatcher with the Rapid Response Network that mobilizes to respond and stop ICE raids in the working class, immigrant neighborhood of Koreatown in Los Angeles. This was formed as a project of the Koreatown Popular Assembly, which through a series of meetings made defense of the community against ICE raids a key priority. For background read: “Koreatown Popular Assembly: Shutting Down ICE, Building Popular Power.”

“A Year In Popular Power” is a four part YouTube series featuring members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation (BRRN) speaking on their organizing work as examples of building popular power. This was filmed as a panel event by the same name on August 3, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA which was held in conjunction with BRRN’s 5th convention.

Episode #1: Teacher Strikes and #RedForEd in North Carolina
Episode #2: Organizing to Stop ICE Raids with the Koreatown Popular Assembly
Episode #3: Graduate Student Strikes with GEO Local 6300
Episode #4: Organizing in Fast Food with the Burgerville Workers Union

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