Group photo of Black Rose/Rosa Negra members at their 5th convention in Los Angeles, CA.

Contact information and social media for locals of Black Rose/Rosa Negra (BRRN). We were founded in 2013 through a process of merger between local and regional collectives across the US and have locals and at-large members in over a dozen cities. If you don’t see a nearby local send a message through our contact page here.

#TrySocialism #TryAnarchism #PowerFromBelow #BuildPopularPower

Albuquerque, NM


Austin, TX

Facebook  / Articles

Email: austin@blackrosefed.org

Bay Area, CA

Info coming soon!

Boston, MA

Facebook / Articles

Email: boston@blackrosefed.org / Phone: (617) 419-0822

Central Illinois


Email: brrn.central.il@gmail.com

Chicago, IL

Facebook / Twitter: @brrnchi  / Articles

Email: Chicago.blackrose.rosanegra@gmail.com

Los Angeles, CA

Facebook / Articles

Email: losangeles@blackrosefed.org

Miami, FL

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Email: miami@blackrosefed.org

New York City

Facebook / Articles

Email: blackrosefednyc@riseup.net

Portland, OR

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Email: pdx@blackrosefed.org

Richmond, VA


San Antonio, TX


Email: blackrosesatx@riseup.net

Seattle, WA

Facebook / Twitter: @BRRNseattle