Solidarity with the Popular Protests in Iran!

We are reposting this statement on the recent/ongoing protests in Iran written by our comrades from the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists. #IranProtests #ClassStruggle #انقلاب #ایران We, the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists, support the popular protests in Iran and call on progressives in the region and throughout the world to stand in solidarity with […]

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Contra la Conquista de Alepo Oriental por el Régimen de Assad

Alepo Oriental – crédito Omar Sanadiki/Reuters Les agradecemos a lxs traductores anónimxs que publicaron esta traducción el 28 de diciembre de 2016 en la pagina web Insumissia Los miembros del Comité de Solidaridad Rojava-Siria de Rosa Negra (BRRN-RSSC) condenan con la máxima contundencia al régimen de Bashar al-Assad y a sus aliados rusos e iraníes […]

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Against the Assad Regime’s Conquest of Eastern Aleppo

We members of the Black Rose/Rosa Negra Rojava-Syria Solidarity Committee (BRRN-RSSC) in the strongest terms condemn the Bashar al-Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies for their recent conquest of Eastern Aleppo. This brutal defeat of the Aleppo rebels, who were both secular and Islamist, has entailed massively indiscriminate bombardment and besiegement by the […]

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