Neo-Nazi march interrupted by riot in downtown Phoenix

Posted by atrain

Arizona’s ABC 15 reports that “Two people were arrested and more than a hundred protesters were separated by police Saturday in downtown Phoenix. The riot happened Saturday afternoon when the National Socialist Movement began its march in support of Arizona’s controversial immigration law.”

Neo-Nazi mobilization around Arizona SB 1070 indicates that they desire to harness anti immigrant legislation to move the right, further to the right.  Furthermore, it shows affinity and “common interest” between Arizona law makers, minutemen and tea bagers, and government officials.

While minutemen, tea bagers, and nazis preach anti government language and fear of oligarchies and ‘government insiders’; their mobilization around this legislation indicates that they are far from anti-statist or against oligarchy or government power.  For them, it’s only a matter that they are not in the driver seat and it’s not their oligarchy and they are not the insiders.

The long term solution to defeat racists and their ability to gain any foothold is to out organize, educate and develop strong grass roots presence in workplaces and communities.