Black Rose / Rosa Negra is a membership organization with a shared political and strategic orientation.

Our organization is made up of members involved in social struggles in a variety of sectors: workplaces, neighborhoods, schools and universities, etc. Our members are grouped together in Locals (chapters) based on city or region. Members of these Locals strategize within the larger framework of the federation, working to knit together struggles and build power on a national scale.

We bring new members into Black Rose / Rosa Negra with intention. Typically, those who are best suited for membership are individuals currently involved in, or have experience with, long term organizing campaigns.

Our admission and integration process for new members is around 1-3 months. This process involves a series of readings, discussions, orientation to the structures of the organization, and integration into our sectoral organizing work. We are a dues paying organization.

If you live in a city or a region with an existing Local, we will connect you with them in order to coordinate your integration. To check if your city or region has a Local, click here.

If you do not live in a city or region with an existing Local, please note that we do not immediately begin integration with at-large members. Instead, we will work with you to form a new Local of 3 integrating members.

When you reach out, please tell us a bit about yourself, why you’re drawn to Black Rose / Rosa Negra, and what organizing work you are currently involved in.

If you’re interested in joining Black Rose / Rosa Negra, please fill out the form below.

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    Note: We receive many inquiries from people who are newly politicized or seeking to learn more about anarchism or libertarian-socialism. We are happy to talk with you and point you toward educational or organizing resources in your region.

    If you are looking for an overview of our politics, here’s where to start:

    Basic Introductions to Anarchist & Libertarian Socialist Politics:

    Our Core Political and Organizational Documents:

    Our Strategy and Organizing Work: 

    En Español:

    Declaración de la MisiónEl Rol de la Organización Revolucionaria, y Puntos de Unidad.