Against Fascism, Against Racism

Wild Rose Collective endorses the July 31 Day of Action against Fascism and Racism. The recent membership leak of the neo-Nazi group the National Socialist Movement and other similar leaks demonstrate that across the country fascists are living in our neighborhoods.

Here in Iowa City, like many other places across the world, we too have seen murmurings of white supremacist activity. First was a Ku Klux Klan flyer in a nearby town and more recently the infamous Holocaust denier, neo-Nazi sympathizer and revisionist historian David Irving visited the Iowa City area to give a lecture and meet with local white supremacists. With others, we helped to organize a protest to disrupt his lecture and to make it known that Nazis were not welcome in our town. We had a strong anti-fascist turn out, and made it clear to Irvring’s camp, the hotel (Baymont Inn, both locally and nationally), and to local passersby that we would not tolerate this despicable message in our community. We must actively oppose fascists and racists at every turn, and halt their efforts to spread their ideology of white supremacy and hateful violence in our communities.

We also stand in support of the Tinley Park 5 and are donating $50 to their legal defense fund. We hope Cody, Dylan and Jason Sutherlin, Alex Stuck and John Tucker are soon freed from Cook County Jail and reunited with their families and friends. For more information on their status, see  We encourage others to also donate money or literature to the Tinley Park 5 if able to do so.