Elections and Movements for Change

our dreams ballot box

One of the critical debates in the left for generations has been the role of electoral politics. This has been a major dividing line in the activity of many different groups, and continues to this day.

This panel discussion and dialogue will address the questions: Do elections help us build power in creating transformational change? Can we participate in the major political parties without losing the values at the heart of our work? Are there viable routes to change that ignore electoral politics? Can we build movement through elections? Do we change politics or do they change us?

Participants in the panel include:

Jake Allen, Rochester Red & Black
Denise Young, Rochester Central Labor Council
Jesse Lenney, Working Families Party
Alex White, Green Party of Monroe County

WHEN: Sunday, November 10th 4pm
WHERE: Flying Squirrel Community Space, 285 Clarissa Street

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