Why We Are Raising Funds for International Solidarity

Wall mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina depicting protesters. Slogan "Contra el estado el patriarcado el capital"

Building Bridges of International Solidarity

Since the founding of Black Rose/Rosa Negra (BRRN) we’ve made international solidarity and especially our connections with broader Latin America a key aspect of our organization and we’re looking to take new steps in expanding that work. We’ve launching the “Building Bridges of International Solidarity” campaign to raise $2,000 which will help us bring comrades from Argentina, Brazil and Chile to our upcoming convention in August. This will help pay for flights and travel as well for hosting, food and expenses while here in the US.

Right now we are actively building and expanding our ties as Black Rose/Rosa Negra member Enrique Guerrero-López is traveling through Chile and Argentina to meet in advance with the members of the organizations that we will be hosting (See our photo collages below). We hope to use this as a stepping stone towards building long-term ties between our organizations – please donating to help us continue and to expand this work.

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The fundraiser is sponsored by the External Communications-International Relations Committee (EC-IRC) and External Education Committee (EEC) of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation (BRRN).

Argentina: Images from Buenos Aires showing a wall mural by comrades with Acción Socialista Libertaria and photos of an annual cultural event in the southern part of the city in honor of two piqueteros murdered by the police 16 years ago.

Collage of images related to the ASL in Argentina showing a wall mural of various protester, a protest and an event flyer

Brazil: Images provided by Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira (CAB), a national coordination of anarchist political, showing a General Strike demonstration in Rio de Janeiro, inauguration of a social center by the neighborhood based organization Movimento de Organização de Base (MOB) in Paraná, founding of a local group in Palmares, May Day activities, and a community center meeting in Rio de Janeiro.

Collage of images related to the CAB showing protest and various political or social organization meetings

Chile: Images of Black Rose/Rosa Negra comrade Enrique Guerrero-López at Proyección bookstore and social center in Santiago as well as ongoing feminist university occupations.

Collage of photos from Chile showing the bookstore Proyecion and feminist occupations