ICE Raids & Resistance: An Interview with Black Rose/Rosa Negra – Austin

Austin, TX ICE Out members hold a banner.
Photo: ICE Out Facebook page.

In February 2017, Austin, TX was rocked by a series of protests over ICE raids that resulted in over 50 immigrants being detained. Despite backlash from school administration, students played an active role in the mobilizations as they staged walk outs, highway take overs and street protests. The oppressive role of police goes beyone killing black and brown people on the street. In this interview A World Without Police (AWWP) explores the broader function the police and court system serve in their collaboration with ICE in attacking immigrant communities.

Luis is a member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra in Austin involved in immigration and worker organizing. He’s been active with ICE Out, an organization that seeks to end the Priority Enforcement Program and all conflation of local law enforcement with Immigration in Austin.

Listen to the interview here


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