Black Rose Miami is an organization of people who have come together for the purpose of developing a revolutionary organization that works to develop the collective power of popular class social movements.  Our activities include common theoretical and strategic development of our members; public educational activities such as writing, dialogues and workshops; rank-and-file participation in popular class social movements; and coordination of our activities with other activists, organizers and militants.Our ultimate goal is contributing to an autonomous popular class movement of the oppressed that will end all forms of oppression and replace capitalism and the state with a free society organized through direct democracy from the bottom-up and an economy that bases economic contribution according to individuals’ abilities and economic distribution according to individuals’ needs.

Rosa Negra Miami es una organización de personas que se han unido con el propósito de desarrollar una organización revolucionaria que trabaja para desarrollar el poder colectivo de los movimientos sociales populares de clase. Nuestras actividades incluyen el desarrollo común teórico y estratégico de nuestros miembros; las actividades educativas populares, tales como la escritura, diálogos y talleres, la participación de base en los movimientos sociales populares de clase, y la coordinación de nuestras actividades con otros activistas, organizadores y militantes.

Nuestro objetivo final es contribuir a un movimiento de la clase popular y autónomo de los oprimidos que ponga fin a todas las formas de opresión y de sustituir el capitalismo y el Estado con una sociedad libre, organizada a través de la democracia directa desde abajo hacia arriba y una economía que las bases de la contribución económica de acuerdo a las personas capacidades y la distribución económica de acuerdo a los individuos las necesidades.

Latest News from Miami

Viral Chilean Feminist Anthem Hits the U.S.: “Un Violador En Tu Camino”

The revolution will be feminist or it will not be! / La revolución será feminista o no será! By Black Rose/Rosa Negra Social Media Team The Chilean feminist anthem “Un Violador En Tu Camino” (A Rapist in Your Way) has spread across Latin America and the globe, including the U.S. Below we present three personal […]

Towards Mass Movements: Presentation on Intermediate Analysis

Below we present a transcribed talk by Pablo Barbanegra on the concept of “intermediary analysis.” Pablo was a member of Miami Autonomy and Solidarity (MAS) which was one of the several groups that merged to found Black Rose/Rosa as a national political organization in 2014. While MAS did not originate the concept of the intermediate […]

Updated: Solidarity with Detained Cuban Anarchist and LGBT Activists

UPDATE: Isbel and Jimmy have been released as of Sunday, May 13. Please read their statement below the original article. Original post May 11, 2019 at 8:30pm EST Havana, Cuba – Following tensions around the cancellation of the state sponsored LGBT march and the effort by activists to call for an independently organized one, two […]

Pablo Barbaranegra: A Biography

On the one year anniversary of his passing we republish this biography of former Black Rose/Rosa Negra member Pablo Barbanegra. This is excerpted from The Pablo Barbanegra Reader, a collection of his political writings. Pablo Vive! Que En Poder Descanse! Pablo “Barbanegra” Avendaño was born on October 1st, 1983 and raised in a working class […]