Resist & Return: Nakba Day Posters

On May 15, 1948 the British Mandate in Palestine ended. This date also marks the day on which settlers declared the independence of “Israel”. The establishment and expansion of which was only possible through the violent mass displacement and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. This is why May 15 also commemorates the ‘Nakba’ or catastrophe.

Today the Nakba continues. Both in the sense that generations of Palestinians remain displaced from their homes, but also in that Israeli settlers continue to harass, attack, and kill Palestinians in an attempt to dispossess them of their land.

While this violence is ongoing, it has not remained unanswered. Palestinians, before 1948 and up to the present, have used every means at their disposal to resist their dispossession. The key remains an integral symbol in their struggle, asserting both the pain of the loss, but also an unwavering commitment to return.

In remembrance of Nakba day we present these posters which Black Rose/Rosa Negra members have carried at demonstrations, encampments, and other actions against the genocide currently being carried out in Gaza.


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