Özgecan Aslan is our revolt! (Anarchist Women)

Özgecan is our revolt

This is a report we received from our comrades Anarşist Kadınlar (Anarchist Women), a political organization based in Turkey:

Today was found the burned body of Özgecan who was raped and murdered in Mersin, Tarsus. Today Özgecan, who was murdered by the driver of the minibus she took, became the revolt all round the region.

Murdered at the age of 20 by male power, Özgecan, whose dress was discussed rather than her murder, became rage in the streets of many cities. Today, Özgecan has become our revolt which we carried out to the streets. Today, the patriarchy which murdered her also stood against us; tried to stop us with their men who have been justifying harassment-rape-violence; tried to silence our rage, frustrate us by driving their cars over us.


After Özgecan’s murder, we are continuing to say “Women Murders Are Political”, and shout “Murdered women Are Our Revolt”, and account for each and every woman who is murdered.

Today the state’s police have attacked the women who were protesting the male violence against Özgecan. They have taken women comrades into custody because of opening a banner from a building in Taksim Square, Isntabul, that said “Özgecan Aslan is our revolt.”

The male state has been protecting murdering men with its male justice; as the patriarchal minds find women “guilty” in every area of life, make her invisible; we will never leave the streets. We will be on the streets, making each murdered woman our revolt, accounting for murders, and struggling until no more women are murdered.

– Anarchist Women