The Portland Solidarity Network Holds First Picket at Foster Auto Parts

The Portland Solidarity Network recently came on to support Andrew, a former employee at Foster Auto Parts in east Portland.  According to Andrew, he was fired after he started to form a union with his co-workers.  This came after he was promised a raise for taking on extra tasks, and after he was let go his former employer blocked his attempts to claim unemployment.  Now Andrew is demanding the extra money that would have been his had they given the promised raise, and for Foster Auto Parts to stop blocking their unemployment claims.

Andrew and PDXSol began the campaign with a demand delivery, then put posters in the surrounding area to connect with workers in similar situations.  Community supporters from around Portland, and around the country, called in to ask what had happened with Andrew and to demand that they do what is right.

On Monday, February 15th, Andrew led the first picket at his former employer, bringing together fifty supporters, union members, and community advocates.  Together they rang in chants targeting worker exploitation, and promising that this crowd will not allow injustices to stand!

Originally Published at the Portland Solidarity Network.