[Video] Fascist Group Attempts to Storm Houston Anarchist Book Fair

HOUSTON – With chants of “Blood and Soil” about 30 fascists affiliated with the fascist organization Patriot Front* attempted to rush the entrance of the Houston Anarchist Book Fair underway at MECA Houston community center on Sunday, September 24. The attempt occurred at 11:50am but was quickly rebuffed as the security team present locked the doors to the facility, blocking the entrance briefly but foiling the effort of the fascist groups to enter the building to intimidate and likely attack organizers and attendees.

The incident lasted roughly 20 minutes in total and no confrontations or injuries occurred as the the fascists gave up, circled the building in their trucks and left the scene according to members of San Antonio Black Rose/Rosa Negra who were tabling at the book fair. Members of Patriot Front (through their previous group Vanguard America) were involved in the violent “Unite the Right” march one month ago in Charlottesville, VA, where a participant linked to Vanguard America rammed their vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer. This incident at the Houston Anarchist Book Fair occurred immediately before lunch, which suggested prior planning and knowledge of the event.

*Correction and update: The original headline of this article incorrectly identified the group present as the “alt-right” Proud Boys. Our understanding at the time of the incident members were part of the fascist organization Vanguard America. After the incident it was discovered that following the association of Vanguard American with the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, a Texas based splinter group broke away calling themselves Patriot Front

Video clip of the incident taken by a member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra – San Antonio. At this point members of Patriot Front, identified by their white polo shirts, had given up and were circling the building to leave.