Recommended Rent Strike Resources

In the past month 10 million people have lost their job and many more have had their hours cut due to the social crisis of COVID-19. Millions will be unable to pay their rent or mortgage April 1st and even more on May 1st. We need to stay home to fight this pandemic but many are running out of money – we need food, we need out health, we need to be at home to help our families. Yet landlords and banks still expect us to pay.

We believe that it is essential to politicize the current moment and pose collective action and organization as our response. We need to support renters forming and joining tenant unions, we need to support worker demands for safety and higher pay, and we need to use mutual aid efforts to meet daily needs and connect to larger demands and struggles. Only by strengthening popular organization can we survive the current crisis and be well placed to push forward our struggles after the pandemic has passed.

Below are organizing guides put forward by key tenant unions in the U.S. and Canada followed by events and additional recommended resources.

Online Events

North American Tenants Townhall on Saturday April 4th – Webinar open to all tenants with basic tools for organizing your neighbors into a tenants union hosted by the Autonomous Tenants Union Network (ATUN). Saturday, April 4th.

Workplace Organizing for Long-Term Power During COVID-19 – Essential workplace organizing training via webinar hosted by the New York City IWW. Tuesday, April 7th. 

Tenant Organizers Panel – Discussion on the current political moment with tenant organizers from across the country hosted by Black Rose/Rosa Negra. Date: Friday, April 10th. Click here and RSVP your spot.

Additional Resources

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