Report back on Peru Solidarity Action

Approximately 20 people gathered at the Peruvian embassy to protest the slaughter of native peoples defending their communities and land from encroaching capitalists interests acting in unity with the Peruvian government. Protesters held signs, sang, and played drums for pedestrians and cars passing by to raise awareness of the struggles in Peru and pressure the government to end the repression, and concede to the demands of native communities. A group of protesters entered the embassy and presented a letter of concerns and demands to the embassy alongside with a reporter from the Miami New Times. A reporter from the El Nuevo Herald also came and covered the protest.

Members of Miami Autonomy & Solidarity attended, and distributed a flyer and engaged people around the intersections of the attacks on native communities, capitalism, environmental destruction, and the need to build movements. The embassy was full of people awaiting services, and MAS flyers were distributed to the room to let them know the reason for the action and the necessity of solidarity and organization. These actions were taken in unity with the International Libertarian Solidarity called for by the Unión Socialista Libertária of Peru.