Interview: Building Black Working Class Counter-Power in South Africa

The following interview with Warren McGregor of Zabalaza  Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) discusses basic tenants of anarchism and key questions facing the left in South Africa such as calls to form a new “workers party,” addressing racial and national oppression, linking fights for reforms to revolutionary transformation and counter-power, and the history of anarchism in South […]

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Marxism, Anarchism, & the Genealogy of “Socialism From Below”

A look into the political genealogy of “socialism from below” coined by American Trotskyist Hal Draper, its relationship to Marxism and anarchist thought, and it’s usefulness in contributing to the renewal of socialist politics today. By Tom Keefer “It is Marxism itself, in what was the best and most revolutionary in it, namely its pitiless […]

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Between Infoshops and Insurrection: U.S. Anarchism, Movement Building, and the Racial Order

This now classic essay by the late Joel Olson (1967-2012) reflects on the state of US anarchist milieu from the 1990’s through the 2000’s. Olson was a long time anarchist writer, organizer, political theorist and veteran of both Love & Rage Anarchist Federation and the anarchist influenced Bring the Ruckus organization. A major focus of his writing […]

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Black Rose Interview with the Movement of Color Podcast

The Movement of Color podcast interviews two members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation (BRRN), Markie from Los Angeles and Johnathan from Miami. They discuss the place of BRRN within the anarchist tradition as well as their experience within the left as people of color. We also recommend checking out other podcasts featuring members of […]

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Statement: Kavanaugh and a Feminist Movement Fighting to End Capitalism

Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation Statement on Kavanaugh and a Feminist Movement Fighting to End Capitalism October 3, 2018 Last week, survivors of sexual violence and their supporters rose up in solidarity as the moving testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford called the impunity of wealthy white men into question.   Touching on issues of male […]

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Black Rose Federation on Building Grassroots Working Class Power

  Black Rose/Rosa Negra member Patrick is interviewed by MC Sole, the host of Solecast discussing a range of topics beginning with the anarchist current of  “Especifismo,” which can be summarized as: The need for a specifically anarchist organization built around a unity of ideas and praxis. The use of the specifically anarchist organization to theorize […]

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COPEI: Commentary on Armed Struggle and Foquismo in Latin America

The FAU (Federación Anarquista Uruguaya), founded in 1956, was one on the strongest anarchist movements in Latin America and the originator of the concept of especifismo. In the 1960s, it faced a rising tide of political repression which would culminate in the military dictatorship of 1973-85. As public and legal avenues of political organizing were […]

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Love and Rage: In Defense of Anarchism

Photo of various issues of Love and Rage newspaper.

Twenty years after its demise in 1998 the Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation continues to be an important organizational reference for anarchism today. The group’s origins began in 1989 as a project based around creating a monthly newspaper, Love & Rage, later evolving into a more formal network until becoming a formal membership based federation of […]

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Steps Towards a Strategy of Popular Power: BRRN 5th National Convention

Group photo of Black Rose/Rosa Negra members at their 5th convention in Los Angeles, CA.

Report on the 5th Black Rose/Rosa Negra National Convention, Los Angeles By Alex Isa and Tanya H.F. with contributions from Agüey Baná and Adam Weaver  Note: This version has been updated since the original posting.  Amidst heated discussions, mostly due to warm California weather and packed rooms full of enthusiastic militants, 60 members of Black […]

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