Indonesian Uber Drivers Fight Back with Anarcho-Syndicalism

As the “uberization” of the US economy continues, along with it is an ever precarious workforce struggling to make ends meet in the dog-eat-dog world of the so-called “sharing economy.” This trend is the same around the world, with Uber claiming to have more than two million drivers in over 80 counties across the globe […]

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A Review of Anarchism in Korea

Review of “Anarchism in Korea. Independence, Transnationalism, and the Question of National Development 1919-1984” by Dongyoun Hwang (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2016) By José Antonio Gutiérrez Dongyoun Hwang has been working for many years recovering the history of Korean anarchism, a movement which has been remarkably important for the history of its own country, to […]

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Resources on Anarchism in Asia

The deep and global history of anarchism in the global south is still being unearthed, recovered and documented. Major strides have been made such as the collection of academic writings Anarchism  and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World: 1870-1940 but there still remains much work to be done. Here we would like to gather […]

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