Fresh Bread in Jordan

Here we share the exclusive reflections of a Jordanian anarchist on the ongoing popular mobilizations that have gripped Jordan beginning on May 30, 2018, as a response to tax-reform measures proposed by the State in accordance with International Monetary Fund (IMF) demands. By Mohammad Abdel Qader Alfar, Architect and Academic As soon as authority was […]

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Senzala or Quilombo: Reflections on APOC and the Fate of Black Anarchism

The piece “Senzala or Quilombo” was in it’s time a scathing indictment against certain quarters of criticism inside the wider U.S. anarchist movement around the formation of Anarchist People of Color (APOC). First began as a website and list serve that linked various self-identified anarchists of color, the effort blossomed into a 2003 conference in […]

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Beyond Protest in the Age of Trump

From South Florida Resistance Download a pamphlet version of this article here. In the early days of the Trump administration, we are seeing Trump’s utilization of executive orders to initiate and/or implement a wide array of right-wing policies.  He is starting to make troubling organizational moves, such as the appointment of Steve Bannon- the former […]

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