Statement: The Necessity of Abolishing the Police and Capitalism

In a time of political upheaval, pandemic, and protest our comrades in New York City have produced this statement. Download a PDF version of this statement. By Black Rose/Rosa Negra NYC Local The explosive revolt following the murders of George Floyd, Raynard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Loreal Tsingine and Chantel Moore laid bare the […]

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“It’s About Power”: Interview on Social Work and Policing

As the protest movement that emerged from the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor transitions from street protest to demands around defunding the police and creating alternatives to policing, various fields of social work have been put forward as offering alternatives. In this interview with Texas based social worker J. Rogue, we discuss […]

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Richard Turner and the Criminalization of Racialized Poverty

This past Wednesday morning, November 16, Richard Turner died in the street surrounded by police officers. We do not know yet how he died, whether it was natural causes, a heart attack, drug-related, the result of something the police did, or some other reason. What we do know is that he “became unresponsive” as he […]

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