Democratic Party

Where Movements Go to Die: The Democrats are Draining the Resistance’s Life

By Eoin Higgins, Paste Magazine For a brief, fleeting moment, it seemed that this time it might be different. Donald Trump’s inauguration was followed by the largest one-day protest in American history. The next week, spontaneous actions broke out across the country’s airports in response to the administration’s travel ban. People started talking about a general […]

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After DACA: Winning Liberation for All Migrants

A Statement by Black Rose/Rosa Negra – Los Angeles, Written by Los Angeles, Portland, and Austin comrades We are together in the fight to legalize all migration, to empty the deportation centers, to demilitarize and decolonize the borders, and to disband ICE. This is the same fight that existed before Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals […]

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Bernie’s new minimum wage bill leaves workers a decade behind

A new wage bill by Bernie Sanders, which proposes to raise minimum wage to $15 by 2024, raises important questions on movements and the Democratic Party. By Duane Wright   When leftists like myself tell progressives that the role of the Democratic party is to demobilize social movements and get people accepting less than what […]

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