Translation: Union Communiste Libertaire Statement on Uprising in Response to Police Murder of Naël M.

Black Rose / Rosa Negra Introduction For days now, riots have rocked cities across France. This uprising comes in response to the police murder of French born Algerian teenager Naël M. (also stylized ‘Nahel’ and ‘Nael’) on June 27 in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris. For those viewing these events from a US perspective, it […]

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Interview: Struggle Against Pension Reform in France

Black Rose / Rosa Negra (BRRN) Introduction This interview was conducted between our sibling organizations Die Plattform (Germany) and Union Communiste Libertaire (France). It focuses on the recent large-scale strikes of French workers starting in January 2023 which were organized in opposition to a proposed ‘reform’ of the country’s pension system—effectively raising the age of […]

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Beyond Pension Reforms: Interview on the General Strike in France

As French workers launched a general strike shutting down major cities with massive demonstrations we present this interview on the current situation with a member of the Unión Comuniste Libertaire (UCL) or Libertarian Communist Union in France. The group was founded in mid-2019 through the merger of platformist groups Alternative Libertaire and Coordination des Groupes […]

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