Beyond Pension Reforms: Interview on the General Strike in France

As French workers launched a general strike shutting down major cities with massive demonstrations we present this interview on the current situation with a member of the Unión Comuniste Libertaire (UCL) or Libertarian Communist Union in France. The group was founded in mid-2019 through the merger of platformist groups Alternative Libertaire and Coordination des Groupes […]

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Oral History From the Barricades: Review of May Made Me on 1968 France

Review of May Made Me: An Oral History of the 1968 Uprising in France by Mitchell Abidor. AK Press, 2018. By Sarah Miller, Philadelphia BRRN From March through May 1968, as the world faced a global upheaval, France experienced a near revolution that is still a living memory. What began as an anti-Vietnam War protest eventually […]

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