The State and Revolution: Theory and Practice

  The following text was first published as a chapter in “Bloodstained, One Hundred Years of Lenninist Counterrevolution” by AK Press. Taking Lenin’s The State and Revolution as a focus, this text compares the rhetoric of Lenin to the reality of the regime that was created – comparing the theory to the practice. You can […]

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Kali Akuno on Lenin’s Vanguard Party

The following is a transcript of a live Q&A session with Kali Akuno hosted on Twitter by Black Socialists of America (@BlackSocialists) on October 10, 2018. We found the discussion valuable and hope to offer more content like this. See below for the original tweets and videos.  Q: What do you think of the Leninist idea that […]

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One Hundred Years of Counterrevolution: Introduction to “Bloodstained”

“Bloodstained, One Hundred Years of Lenninist Counterrevolution” is a newly released book by AK Press compiling together both current and historical critical writings on the Russian Revolution which “forces us to reckon with the past [and] demands we think more carefully about freedom [and] social change.” You can purchase your copy along with many other recommended titles here. This […]

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