Secret Police on the Streets of PDX: Interview with a Member of Black Rose Portland

by Members of Black Rose Anarchist Federation Fifty days into the popular uprising sparked by the police murder of George Floyd and demonstrations in Portland, Oregon show little sign of abating. In fact, Portland has now become a proving ground for the Trump administration to demonstrate its ‘law and order’ bona fides in the run […]

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Unionism From Below: Interview with Burgerville Workers Union

Launching a historic three-day strike and boycott launch that began on February 1, workers across several Portland, OR Burgerville stores took the next steps in what is perhaps an unprecedented campaign for the current US labor movement. The strike was centered at the prominent Convention Center Burgerville store and spread to three additional locations, in […]

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May Day Portland: What Do Anarchists Really Want?

This letter is a response to The Oregonian May 5, 2017 editorial board opinion “Portland Must be Done with Punk Fascists” applauding police action against Portland’s May Day parade and attempts to create a classic ‘good protester’ versus ‘bad protester’ wedge. This letter to the editor response “Here’s What Anarchists Really Want” was published in The Oregonian on May […]

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