Revolución activa: organización, formación de bases y doble poder

English version of this document / Versión ingles de este documento Mientras que podría decirse que la izquierda radical/anticapitalista más amplia tiene pocos principios universales de acuerdo estratégico, la afirmación de que “una izquierda fuerte es aquella que está arraigada en la clase trabajadora y las comunidades oprimidas, así como en sus luchas” es fácilmente una […]

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Review: State Formation and “Worshipping Power”

By Wayne Price Review of Peter Gelderloos, “Worshipping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation” by AK Press It it important for anarchism to have a theory of the state, the fundamentals of government, its origins and development. This is my third essay on this topic, the first being a presentation of the class […]

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Poder popular en tiempos de reacción: Estrategia para la lucha social

Nota editorial: este artículo es un desarrollo y una actualización del documento de estrategia y análisis “Bajo Trump y más allá” que publicamos a fines de 2017 y pretende capturar un panorama de nuestros debates internos y conclusiones durante el año transcurrido. Debido a que estas conversaciones comenzaron en la antesala de nuestra Convención nacional a […]

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Building Popular Power In a Time of Reaction: Strategy for Social Struggle

Black and white image of striking teachers marching.

Editorial Note: This piece builds upon and updates the strategy and analysis document “Below and Beyond Trump” we released in late 2017 and aims to capture a snapshot of our internal discussions and conclusions over the past year. Because these conversations began in the lead up to our National Convention in early August we were not […]

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Interview: Building Black Working Class Counter-Power in South Africa

The following interview with Warren McGregor of Zabalaza  Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) discusses basic tenants of anarchism and key questions facing the left in South Africa such as calls to form a new “workers party,” addressing racial and national oppression, linking fights for reforms to revolutionary transformation and counter-power, and the history of anarchism in South […]

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Workers Power and the Spanish Revolution

In a political moment where the tide of fascism appears to be on the march, looking at past examples can provide inspiration, hope and lessons. In this valuable and lucid long-form essay, veteran writer and activist Tom Wetzel details what George Orwell described when first arriving in anarchist dominated Barcelona as his first time actually seeing […]

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Marxism, Anarchism, & the Genealogy of “Socialism From Below”

A look into the political genealogy of “socialism from below” coined by American Trotskyist Hal Draper, its relationship to Marxism and anarchist thought, and it’s usefulness in contributing to the renewal of socialist politics today. By Tom Keefer “It is Marxism itself, in what was the best and most revolutionary in it, namely its pitiless […]

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COPEI: Commentary on Armed Struggle and Foquismo in Latin America

The FAU (Federación Anarquista Uruguaya), founded in 1956, was one on the strongest anarchist movements in Latin America and the originator of the concept of especifismo. In the 1960s, it faced a rising tide of political repression which would culminate in the military dictatorship of 1973-85. As public and legal avenues of political organizing were […]

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Love and Rage: In Defense of Anarchism

Photo of various issues of Love and Rage newspaper.

Twenty years after its demise in 1998 the Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation continues to be an important organizational reference for anarchism today. The group’s origins began in 1989 as a project based around creating a monthly newspaper, Love & Rage, later evolving into a more formal network until becoming a formal membership based federation of […]

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