Anarchism in the Face of Fascism and the Electoral Debate

By Rafael V. Da Silva, Kauan Willian and Victor Khaled Translated by S Nicholas Nappalos This article was originally published by Jacobin Brasil. Introduction With neither Bolsonaro (Liberal Party) nor Lula (Workers’ Party) able to secure an outright majority during the October 2nd presidential election in Brazil, both advance to a run off election set […]

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Anarchist Federation of Santiago (Chile): Our Position on the Constitutional Plebiscite

Context and Introduction by Black Rose/Rosa Negra External Education CommitteeTranslation by Black Rose/Rosa Negra International Relations Committee Beginning in late 2019, millions of people began taking to the streets across Chile. Initially sparked by a student protest against public transit fare hikes, the mass demonstrations soon took on a popular character, with participants demanding redress […]

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Anarchist Theory and History in Global Perspective

This article was originally published in 2016 for I Congreso Internacional de Investigadorxs sobre Anarquismo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was subsequently translated by Enrique Guerrero-López (a member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra), for publication via the Institute for Anarchist Theory and History in 2021. The original Portuguese version can be found here. We republish the […]

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