We’ve come out and hit the streets against Trump – now what?


A leaflet from our Los Angeles Black Rose/Rosa Negra comrades.

When we look around at the thousands of people marching with us, we can feel the power that we hold. But we know that this isn’t enough. In the coming years, our communities are going to be under attack. We need to organize strong communities that can resist the attacks and take the power back! When we leave this march, we need to go back into our neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools and start organizing!

We’ve seen that relying on politicians to solve our problems doesn’t work. The Democratic Party is a big part of the reason why we have Trump now, and why we risk seeing so many of the gains we fought hard for taken away. We need to rely on ourselves. We need to build our own movements that can build our power and lead the way to not just being on the defense and resisting Trump’s attacks, but to taking control of our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces and running them without bosses, police, or the government. We need to be creating assemblies in our communities where we can start exercising some of our own power together.

We will also need to do a lot more to unify our movements and struggles. The challenge of defeating Trump means that we can’t just stay focused on our own campaigns or our own backyards – we need to be reaching out to all other social movement organizations to see how we can work together to support and defend each other. We should be taking time to organize meetings between community organizations to plan what we can do together in the coming months.

There are lots of organizations in the LA area that are already putting the long­-term day­-to­-day work into building our power against Trump. If you haven’t already, you should find an organization to get involved with. If you’re a tenant, you can join the LA Tenants Union. If you’re a worker, you can join the Industrial Workers of the World. If you’re a high school student, you can join Schools LA Students Deserve. If you want to fight for those in prison, you can join the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. There are plenty of other organizations that are fighting now for a future of freedom.

Contact us if you’re interested in taking your next step in this struggle together with us:

Email: losangeles@blackrosefed.org / Facebook: Black Rose / Rosa Negra – Los Angeles