Whittier Support and Call in

Posted by atrain

The Whittier struggle has been inspirational and powerful.  The actions taken by the parents and supporters show that by rejecting the political process and implementing horizontal decision making, using direct action instead of grant writing, letter writing, and voting; that self organization based on militant action can make greater gains then sticking to the formal means of creating social change.

It is day 41 of the occupation. Last week the CEO of Chicago Public Schools verbally agreed to halt the demolition of the fieldhouse and lease it to the parents. He also agreed to further meetings and negotiations regarding the specifics of the library. However, none of this has been put in writing so far, and the parents occupation has continued until they receive some kind of written guarantee of this agreement.

This Wednesday is the chance to reach a resolution. The Chicago Board of Education meets Wednesday morning, October 27, and the parents will be there to testify. They want the verbal agreements to become a resolution, but need your help to put pressure on the board; without this pressure, this item may not even make it on the agenda.


Please: CALL CALL CALL these politicians/officials:

Mayor Daley 312-744-3300

CPS CEO Ron Huberman 773-553-1550

Chicago Board of Education 773-553-1600
Fax: (773) 553-1601

PLEASE TELL THEM TO PUT THE WHITTIER AGREEMENT ON THIS WEDNESDAY’S AGENDA of the Chicago Board of Education Meeting. Ask Ron Huberman to put last week’s agreements in writing!