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From Below Podcast: Feminism Against Capitalism

We are excited to present the premiere episode of From Below Podcast on International Women’s Days. This coming week we will be releasing introduction episode to meet our hosts Markie and Pedro.

For our first episode, released on International Women’s Day 2019, Markie and Pedro discuss two examples of anti-capitalist feminism. The discussion starts around the work of the Anti-Capitalist Feminist Coalition (ACFC) in Los Angeles with Markie speaking on her involvement and then interviewing Romina Green of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Los Angles on the background and roots of ACFC. Next is an interview and in-depth discussion with Alondra Carrillo of Santiago, Chile who is a vocera, or spokesperson, for the March 8 Feminist General Strike Coordination. Alondra is also a member of the libertarian communist organization, Solidaridad.

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Guest Alondra Carrillo, the vocera, or spokesperson, for the Coordinadora Feminista 8M.

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