From Below Podcast Episode 2: Means and Ends With Zoe Baker

This month From Below is back, bringing you an exciting discussion with author and historian Zoe Baker. Until recently, Zoe was perhaps best known for her YouTube channel where she produces well researched and accessible videos on anarchist theory and history under the moniker anarchopac. From Below had Zoe on to discuss her new book […]

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The From Below Podcast is Back!

By Black Rose / Rosa Negra – External Education Committee (EEC) We’re thrilled to announce that From Below, a podcast produced by members of Black Rose / Rosa Negra, officially returns on Wednesday, November 15th. From Below is a monthly interview show that covers the social movements rising to meet our moment, as well as […]

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Black Rose Members Appear on Two Podcasts to Discuss Political Program

In the last month, militants of Black Rose / Rosa Negra (BRRN) have appeared on two podcasts to discuss our organization’s recently released political program: Turning the Tide: An Anarchist Program for Popular Power. This is America In July, militants Robin and Matthew appeared on episode of #188 of This is America, a podcast project […]

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