Audio for the Revolution: Podcasts with Black Rose/Rosa Negra

Podcasting has quickly taken on the role for the left that the pamphlet or personal blogs that were popular in the late 2000s and early 2010s. It’s where many turn for discussions on the important issues of the day. Podcasts also fit into our lives as many listen along while at work, commuting or doing daily chores. With this in mind, we wanted to collect in one place podcasts with interviews featuring members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra and others we recommend.

A running collection of podcast interviews featuring members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra:

  • Arthur Pye of Seattle speaks It’s Going Down podcast on climate change, responding to the “Green New Deal” and the need to build popular power in response in “Green Power: Strong Movements to Face the Climate Crisis.” (May 2019)
  • Bree Busk in Santiago, Chile appears on This Is Hell! podcast in “Feminism is Everywhere: Building a Multisectoral, Transversal Movement in Chile.” (March 2019)
  • Markie and Romina interview a member of the Chilean organization Solidaridad and discuss the work of the Anti-Capitalist Feminist Coalition in Los Angeles in “Feminism Against Capitalism” on From Below Podcast. (March 2019)
  • Markie from Los Angeles and Johnathan from Miami are interviewed on BRRN’s political influences and their experience as people of color within the left on Movement of Color podcast. (Oct 2018)
  • Patrick discusses especifismo and building working class power with MC Sole on Solecast. (Sept 2018)
  • Patrick is interviewed by It’s Going Down as part one of a three part series looking electoralism and the rise of the DSA in “Elections, Power, & the DSA: The Failure of the Left in Power.” (Sept 2018)
  • Jen and Servio discuss revolutionary political organization, relationships to social movements, state power, and feminism with Revolutionary Left Radio. (Feb 2018)
  • Tariq Khan interviews with Its Going Down on being a target of the alt-right and alt-light groups such as Turning Point USA in “The Eye of the Troll Storm.” (Feb 2018)
  • Enrique and Adam discuss BRRN’s analysis and strategy document “Below and Beyond Trump” with It’s Going Down in “The Center Can’t Hold.” (Feb 2018)
  • Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook speaks on Revolutionary Left Radio giving a history of anarchism and it’s ideas. (June 2017)
  • Romina and César appear on The Final Straw episode “In It To Win It” discussing especifismo and Black Rose/Rosa Negra’s approach to organizing. (March 2017)
  • Luis from Austin, Texas is interviewed by A World Without Police about local organizing with ICE Out and pushing back against use of police to assist with enforcement of immigration laws. (Feb 2017)
  • Romina Akemi, co-author of “Breaking the Waves: Challenging the Liberal Tendency within Anarchist Feminism,” is interviewed by Free Flow on KCHUNG Radio in Los Angeles discussing feminism, anarchism and movement building. (Nov 2016)
  • Tariq Khan appears on A Thoughtful Faith, a progressive religious podcast, on the episode “Politics and Oppression.” (April 2016)

From Below Podcast

From Below is a podcast on social movements and international politics from a libertarian socialist perspective produced by members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra. Visit the website to see the latest episode:

For additional podcasts we recommend Anarchopac appearing on Revolutionary Left Radio as part of a dialogue between Marxism and anarchism.