Black Rose Members Appear on Two Podcasts to Discuss Political Program

In the last month, militants of Black Rose / Rosa Negra (BRRN) have appeared on two podcasts to discuss our organization’s recently released political program: Turning the Tide: An Anarchist Program for Popular Power.

This is America

In July, militants Robin and Matthew appeared on episode of #188 of This is America, a podcast project of It’s Going Down. The hour long discussion was wide ranging and included an overview of BRRN’s organizational activities, reasons we chose to develop a political program, and how our locals and committees are beginning to implement the strategy outlined in the program document.

Follow this link to listen to episode #188 of This is America, the discussion with members of Black Rose begins at the 48:12 mark

Revolutionary Left Radio

In August, militants Enrique and Roxana joined host Breht O’Shea on Revolutionary Left Radio. Their conversation covered the longterm process of collective discussion, study, and debate that BRRN’s membership undertook as we developed the documents that would later become our program.

Follow this link to listen to Enrique and Roxana’s appearance on Revleft Radio

You can also find both shows wherever you normally subscribe to podcasts!

Listen to an excerpt: